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High speed cameras have been around for some time creating amazing shots in commercials and films shooting high frames rates at 1,000 fps or more. In order to make these shots more exciting directors have been asking how do I get the camera not only shooting fast but also moving fast at the same time. Mr Moco Rentals answer that question with the Bolt high speed cinebot.

Bolt has the ability to get up to full speed almost instantly so that the camera can go from standstill to high-speed motion and back to standstill in fractions of seconds, literally following falling objects and capturing images that would be impossible by hand or any other method. Combined with our Flair motion control software, the Bolt rig is quick to program moves and offers all of the features for importing moves from 3D packages and exporting moves. We also offer general inputs and outputs for triggering at an exact time, such as the pour of a beer, the turning of an object, etc.

Bolt can be set up in a studio ready to shoot in under an hour. For high speed moves it is important the base of the rig is fixed to the floor. This can be done by screwing the rig down or where this is not possible we can supply weights for weighing down the unit.

With advanced notice we can also supply similar high speed rigs with larger envelopes.

Contact us to arrange a demo or to discuss your requirements and get expert advice from one of our experienced motion control crew.



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